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MINT 1985 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Original 1ST SERIES 1 Set GPK Nasty Nick OS1

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Price: 2,999.95 USD

Garbage Pail Kids:

MINT 1985 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Original 1ST SERIES 1 Set GPK Nasty Nick OS1


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For sale is a complete Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 1 set of 82 cards (1a-41a + 1b-41b)
  • 1985 USA Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 1 set
  • 82 card full set of all 1-41 a and b names
  • Matte Back version of the set
Condition: Set is in Mint condition, I have gone through thousands of cards to hand compile this set with the best condition cards that have sharp corners.  This is the top 1% condition of my OS1 cards that I compiled into the nicest sets (so only 1 out of every 100 of my OS1 cards make it into this set).  Most of these cards are worthy of getting graded, I do not grade myself, so these are not rejected send-ins. There is NO writing on any of the cards including the checklists. Graphics are nice and bright (NO fading) and comes from a smoke-free home.  These have been professionally housed in a case (included) and all the stickers are tight and flush to the backing, there is NO warping.  You will receive the exact cards shown in the photos. 
You will receive the exact cards shown in the photos.
Set Checklist:

o 2a Junkfood JOHN
o 2b RAY Decay
o 3a Up CHUCK
o 3b Heavin’ STEVEN
o 4a Fryin’ BRIAN
o 4b Electric BILL
o 5a Dead TED ………………….[Checklist]
o 5b JAY Decay …………………[Checklist]
o 6a ART Apart
o 6b Busted BOB
o 7a Stormy HEATHER
o 7b APRIL Showers
o 8a ADAM Bomb…………….[Cheaters License]
o 8b Blasted BILLY……………[Cheaters License]
o 9a Boozin’ BRUCE
o 9b Drunk KEN
o 10a Tee-Vee STEVIE
o 10b Geeky GARY
o 11a Itchy RICHIE
o 11b Bugged BERT
o 12a Furry FRAN
o 12b Hairy MARY
o 13a Ashcan ANDY
o 13b Spacey STACY
o 14a Potty SCOTTY
o 14b JASON Basin
o 15a Ailin’ AL
o 15b Mauled PAUL
o 16a Weird WENDY
o 16b Haggy MAGGIE
o 17a Wacky JACKIE
o 17b Loony LENNY
o 18a Cranky FRANKIE
o 18b Bad BRAD
o 19a Corroded CARL
o 19b Crater CHRIS
o 20a Swell MEL
o 20b Dressy JESSE
o 21a Virus IRIS
o 21b Sicky VICKY
o 22a Junky JEFF
o 22b Stinky STAN
o 23a Drippy DAN
o 23b Leaky LOU
o 24a Nervous REX
o 24b Nerdy NORM
o 25a Creepy CAROL
o 25b Scary CARRIE
o 26a Slobby ROBBIE
o 26b Fat MATT
o 27a Brainy JANIE
o 27b JENNY Genius
o 28a Oozy SUZIE
o 28b Meltin’ MELISSA
o 29a Bony JOANIE…………….[Reform School Diploma]
o 29b Thin LYNN…………………[Reform School Diploma]
o 31a Run Down RHODA
o 31b Flat PAT
o 32a Frigid BRIDGET
o 32b Chilly MILLIE
o 33a Mad MIKE
o 33b Savage STUART
o 34a KIM Kong
o 34b ANNA Banana
o 35a Wrinkly RANDY
o 35b Rockin’ ROBERT
o 36a Wrappin’ RUTH
o 36b TOMMY Tomb
o 37a GuilloTINA
o 37b CINDY Lopper
o 38a Slimy SAM
o 38b Lizard LIZ
o 39a Buggy BETTY
o 39b Green JEAN
o 40a Unstitched MITCH
o 40b Damaged DON
o 41a Mean GENE
o 41b Joltin’ JOE

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