2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: Late to School

Hey everyone welcome back to Bubba cards I am Josh and I am super excited because today I get to open up a box of 2020 Garbage Pail Kids late to school this is a brand new release from tops this week here’s the front the box look at this gross little kid oh man whoa who’s this dude yikes holy cow this is gonna be crazy alright there’s 24 packs eight stickers per pack let’s let’s get to rockin 24

First card jungle gym nice we got fortune Jude Ned lice rubbed out Robert oh my gosh and we got a green parallel here if sharp penny looks like she’s the the girl in the box and the bear on the wrapper pretty cool next one’s up dawn wind hey lis relay see that’s the snot girl from the front and then sketchy Skippy it’s a cool card all the cards as well they have different stuff on the back here all the cool check lists nice

Pack number 2 oh cool a little puzzle in the back Doug ate my homework oh my gosh that dog is crazy telling Liza hopscotch nice slacker Simon Greene parallel headmaster Astor very cool scholarly where’s the rest of his body punished page for girl and final on this pack leftovers Linney vamp eval be quiet librarian looks mean here Annette nice writer block trash candy contraband Cory

Principal cow nose Goldie all right we got a legal Eli looks like he’s the parallel to a contraband Cory headmaster Astor another one of those burger Brittany Virginia Virginia bleach like a green parallel the sheltered Sheldon gluey dewy rip ball and Tim and Tim out all right hot for a teacher Homer schooled macaroni art Oh Brody odor whoa I don’t even know what that is that’s crazy green parallel to rust pass

Memorizing Mike uh-uh whiz rid William that kid is peeing on all his books whooshing and then Benny bagged lunch [Applause] next up cow calculator I’m sorry calculator that makes more sense cramming Kremlin peed on the other the buddy to the other P kid lunch bag Larry green parallel Donnie does detector Dexter well a gnat Timmy and he got it and drag

To Drake next up IRA robot model resisting Reese fart mouth Frank Shaw gross green palos true and Trevor woody instrument stapled stew and class clown Clyde next up we got Ricky recorder staple Earl funny Floyd green parallels bully Billy burst in Thurston whoa I think this kid had to pee maybe buck-toothed running Ryan and Paulie playground speechless carving Carter cast your vote green parallel old Gloria

Paper Piper Kody closet erase chase and last Dayton garbage pail kids used to flush them back in the 80s I think the original cars in this year and the from the 80s had 16 or 17 series and they took a break for a while brought him back and Ethan pasted ticktick I Oh Donny dunce bully Billy again to dirt Aniyah Jerry Jackie that’s cool we got that both of them in the same pack and you see you there they both have a each card

Has an A to B and they have two different names to him sharp and Charlene and pencil holding now I believe the pops releases kid superset the year this is the of course the first one from 2020 sharp any writer block tutor tani again Garbage Pail Sid Green pail well too crafty Chris SBD look we got here first Grady and then bus stop Becky looks like that’s what the puzzle will look like once you get them all complete

School buster ditching Dirk Rhetta white and blue kicked out vana Halen nice sheltered Sheldon crafty Chris and always Dwight next up we’ve got some herb like rainy days II show Anela loose leaf green parallel Vanna hayla Golf Gabe know what talking and sanitary broken back Pat ten of the class suspended season Heather of all reading parallel give me a gif whacked Wanda Peggy Pitt and pulled up dinner if you’ve been out of the game with garbage

Pail kids belong don’t really know where to find them you can find that some coffee shops and one store that almost always have one when they come out is target usually carom most Walmart’s I haven’t seen I’ve never seen it at Walmart I’m not sure if they carry them on or not but most targets do if targets have collector cards next pack bron-bron bagging it suck up Sasha wedgie Winston green parallel booger Britney alarm bell decorated desert cheerleader and can’t

Wake up [Music] all right then we have a ring ring go DIY boomba note your Damon that’s cool I’m gonna see that one yes contra brandy this disciplinary Ashton pranked Pamela and give me a gia good simple card in that pack that hasn’t seen yet next up we have geyser embarrassed Harris bully Billy Green parallel of disciplinary Ashton Pierce pressure

Scarlett sparkles credit globes and memory lane garbage and then we got a copycat Brad influenced glittery Glinda gee geography we got the green parallel for here nut shy guy F Jeff and cranny Creek down to our final six packs and once again there’s 24 packs in this hobby ball to your ear Booker nervous Neil wow that is amazing so much vomit failed Dale ye Blin that’s the parallel to a guy note your

Demon pranked Pamela the green parallel smoking Joe loved Lester and simple Mindy it’s pretty crazy that these cards are geared towards kids this one was fun that’s why I got him soon as a kid used to have a bunch of them and till my mom found out and she made me get rid of him and I’ve been trying to collect them all ever since Saul nighter restroom Rocko pass it one illegal you a green parallel vomitus lose stool cross climbing Chloe

And read a book number two’s to you monkey barb I’m loading AJ that’s a new one we haven’t seen spreading rumor jumping Jenna Lee tape and Archie back next up is been dreaming detained Dwayne kick Mia pepper pepper rally green parallel Ethan paste I’m loading AJ Contra brandy and distracting the knees [Music] and take a look I know they’re fairly well rare looks like one and 371 I’ve opened

A ton of these new Garbage Pail Kids and I have yet to post a sketch card but maybe someday miss Packer here we got clean and climbing Cleveland erupted Shawn bill Boris be quiet green parallel fountain forest Jim shower Jerry jerky Jack sorry and Teeter Peter all right final pass here this brand-new release twenty twenty dollars punk kids late to school these should be making their way to hobby shops and Target

Pretty soon if they’re not there already a stuck Stuart confiscate Ted Chrissie guard we got a gold parallel or first one frog eaten and I think these are numbered yeah it looks like that’s number at a thirty eight out of 50 so that’s cool another green parallel distracted Denise Russ pass truant Trevor and our final card is old Gloria pretty cool