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2013 Topps GPK BNS3 Garbage Pail Kids BRAND NEW SERIES 3 Complete 132-Card Set

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Garbage Pail Kids:

2013 Topps GPK BNS3 Garbage Pail Kids BRAND NEW SERIES 3 Complete 132-Card Set


Item Description
Garbage Pail Kids “Brand New Series 3” BNS3 Base set of 132 sticker cards (129a-194a and 129b-194b)
  • 2013 USA Garbage Pail Kids Original “Brand New Series 3” Base Set
  • 132 card full set of 1-40 a and b names
  • Comes with an empty foil wrapper
  • Cards come housed in a hard plastic case for display and protection
Condition: Set is in Mint condition

Full Checklist:

o 129a Dodge BILL
o 129b JIM Class
o 130a Coughed Up KITTY
o 130b Hairball MOL
o 131a Hoodie HARLAN
o 131b Inside Out OSCAR
o 132a Alarm CLARK
o 132b Snoozin’ SEBASTIAN
o 133a Gloomy GUS
o 133b Sad SETH
o 134a Lucky LUKE
o 134b Numbered NATE
o 135a Miming MILES
o 135b Shadowy STAN
o 136a Fishing LAUREN
o 136b Baited BROOKLYN
o 137a Yeti EDDIE
o 137b Abominable ABE
o 138a Bumper CARL
o 138b Amusement PARKER
o 139a Opti CAL
o 139b Leggy LIAM
o 140a Bellowing BELLA
o 140bLoud MELODY
o 141a CLAY Dreidel
o 141b Dizzy DEVIN
o 142a Bouncy BRODY
o 142b Inflated IAN
o 143a Pottery PEGGY
o 143b Booger BRENDA
o 144a PEARL Oyster
o 144b Precious JEWEL
o 145a Parchute PAT
o 145b Divin’ DAMIAN
o 146a Sawing SALLY
o 146b LAURIE Logs
o 147a SAMMY Salmon
o 147b UPTON Stream
o 148a Halved HENRY
o 148b Evil EDWARD
o 149a Disjoint TED
o 149b Let Go LENNY
o 150a Revolving RYAN
o 150b Stretched STEFAN
o 151a Worn-Out WARREN
o 151b Discarded DERRICK
o 152a New Year’s EVE
o 152b Dropped DEB
o 153a MIKE Craft
o 153b Avalanche ALBERT
o 154a BETTY Bug
o 154b Infested ISABEL
o 155a SHANE Saw
o 155b Chain SAWYER
o 156a Bedazzled BRIANNA
o 156b Rhinestone RACHEL
o 157a Loch NESSIE
o 157b Cryptid CRISSIE
o 158a Lost LEWIS
o 158b Found FLYNN
o 159a Tape Dis SPENCER
o 159b Packing TATE
o 160a Toilet TOMMY
o 160b Creature CONNOR
o 161a Lovestruck CHUCK
o 161b Lovesick NICK
o 162a Fresh FRED
o 162b Scented SIMON
o 163a BEA Hive
o 163b Honey HALEY
o 164a LISA Miserables
o 164b Raggy ANNE
o 165a BERTHA Day
o 165b FRANCES Frosting
o 166a Periscope HOPE
o 166b Sumberged SUSANNAH
o 167a Stuffed STEVE
o 167b Packed ZACK
o 168a Hangman HANK
o 168b LARRY Letters
o 169a Crabby ABBY
o 169b Sea SHELLY
o 170a Dunked DARREN
o 170b DON Nut
o 171a Pop-Up PAULA
o 171b Turned PAIGE
o 172a CAT Lady
o 172b Feline FARRAH
o 173a Nutty NOAH
o 173b Shelled SERGIO
o 174a Cranky FRANKIE
o 174b Terrible TERENCE
o 175a Launched LANCE
o 175b Doomed Diego
o 176a Bony JOANIE
o 176b Blind Date DANIELLE
o 177a Menacing DENNIS
o 177b Bratty BRENT
o 178a Potty SCOTTY
o 178b Flushed FRANCIS
o 179a Tasted TONY
o 179b Eaten ETHAN
o 180b Fine ART
o 181a Cut KANYE
o 182a Mad MAX
o 182b Brain-Dead JED
o 183a Disjointed JASON
o 183b Torn RIP
o 184a Horsey HENRY
o 184b Equine ETHAN
o 185a Party PAULIE
o 185b Popped IVAN
o 186a Eerie ERIC
o 186b Heartthrob HARRY
o 187a Warrin’ LOREN
o 187b Clotheslined CALEB
o 188a Large MARGE
o 188b Bulky BETH
o 189a Chimney CHAD
o 189b Third Degree BERNIE
o 190a ROY Bot
o 190b Mechanic AL
o 191a Kangaroo KATIE
o 191b Pouched POLLY
o 192a Tiny TIM
o 192b Mini MARTIN
o 193a MAX Stacks
o 193b Heady HAL
o 194a Garden NORM
o 194b Lawn SEAN

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