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2013 Garbage Pail Kids Cut Kanye West 181a Brand New Series 3 BNS3 GPK NM Topps

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Price: 37.77 USD

Garbage Pail Kids:

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Set: Garbage Pail Kids – Brand-New Series 3 Character: Kanye
Featured Person/Artist: NA Card Number: 181a
Card Name: CUT KAYNE Card Condition: Near Mint
Graded: No Autograph Authentication Number: NA
Type: Non-Sport Trading Card Features: BNS3, NM, 2013, GPK, BLACK BORDER
Year Manufactured: 2013 Manufacturer: Topps
Autograph Format: NA Autograph Authentication: NA
Signed By: NA Franchise: Garbage Pail Kids
Autographed: No

eBay Standard Envelope- with tracking  (envelope)

USPS First Class Shipping with tracking. 

This will be in a penny sleeve and a top loader


MINT: A card in Mint condition is pack fresh with no damage.

Near Mint/ Mint (NM/M): A NM/M card is a pack fresh card that may have a minor imperfection or two.

Near Mint (NM): A Near Mint card is a card that may have a few minor imperfections such as a few white spots on edges or light scratches.

Light Play (LP): A Lightly Played card may have imperfections such as minor scuffing, edge wear and/or light scratches.

Moderate Play (MP): A Moderately Played card may have several imperfections such as edge wear on multiple sides, scuffs, shuffle wear, minor creases and/or scratches.

Heavy Play (HP): A card in Heavily Played condition may have severe edge wear, scratches, shuffle wear, creases, dents, scuffs, and/or staining but should still be legal for tournament play if put in a sleeve.

Damaged (DMG): A Damaged card is damaged in a way that may make it unplayable in tournaments, even in a sleeve. This damage may include heavy wear, dents, scratches, bends, creases, scuffs, water damage, inking, and/or other types of damage

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