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1988 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Original 12th Series 12 Complete 88-CARD Set OS12

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Garbage Pail Kids:

1988 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Original 12th Series 12 Complete 88-CARD Set OS12


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For sale is a complete Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 12 VARIANT set of 88 cards (460a-500a+ 460b-500b)
  • 1988 USA Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 12 set
  • 82 base card full regular issue set of 460-500 a and b names.
  • +6 variant card versions of 469 (2 variants), 472 (2 variants) and 481 (2 variants)
  • 469a/b consists of both Checklist and Garbage Gang variants, 472a/b consists of both Garbage Gang and Puzzle Preview variants and 481a/b consists of also the Garbage Gang and Puzzle Preview variants.
  • You will receive a total of 88 cards.  82 from the regular issue set + 6 variant/error cards.
  • I am including an empty OS12 wax wrapper and comes housed in an acrylic storage box!
Condition: Set is in solid Near Mint condition overall, with little to no wear!  It takes me approximately an hour to collate a set like this from scratch.  I hand pick the cards that go into this set, so that they all display equal in condition and will display the best. Cards selected for this set will be in the top 10% grade of the stock I carry.  There is NO writing on any of the cards including the checklists. There is also absolutely no damage to these cards so they will display exceptionally well. Graphics are nice and bright (NO fading) and comes from a smoke-free home.  These have been professionally housed in a case (included) and all the stickers are tight and flush to the backing, there is NO warping.  

Set Checklist

o 460a Ball ‘N SHANE
o 460b Hard ROCKY
o 461a MARA Thon
o 461b Racy LACEY
o 462a Half PRICE
o 462b Checked-Out CHET
o 463a Phooey To HUGH
o 463b Razzin’ ROSS
o 464a Tongue Tied TEDDY
o 464b Dressed To KILLIAN
o 465a Upsy DAISYS
o 465b Barfy BARBIES
o 466a Seasick CECIL
o 466b Dinner At EYTAN
o 467a Tongue In CHICO
o 467b NICK Lick
o 468a Mummified CLYDE
o 468b TWLYA Paper
o 469a Upset TOMMY…………………[Checklist]
o 469a Upset TOMMY…………………[Garbage Gang]
o 469b Tub O’ LARS……………………[Checklist]
o 469b Tub O’ LARS……………………[Garbage Gang]
o 470a Quick SANDY
o 470b ABRAHAM Sinkin’
o 471a Freestyle KYLE
o 471b Rad ROD
o 472a WALTER Fall …………………..[Garbage Gang]
o 472a WALTER Fall …………………..[Puzzle Preview]
o 472b RONNY Nose…………………..[Garbage Gang]
o 472b RONNY Nose…………………..[Puzzle Preview]
o 473a Heavy MERYL
o 473b One-Night STAN
o 474a Sole Food SOL
o 474b Gooey STUEY
o 475a Road-Kill WILL
o 475b Stop SY
o 476a Barf Band BEN
o 476b Off Key LEE
o 477a INGRID Inc.
o 477b Smokestack ZACH
o 478a Bizarre LAMAR
o 478b Rearranged RAYMOND
o 479a Gulpin’ GABE
o 479b Over Eatin’ ETHAN
o 480a ROBBY Rubbish
o 480b Garbage Pail KITTY
o 481a Car-Stick KARLA ……………[Garbage Gang]
o 481a Car-Stick KARLA ……………[Puzzle Preview]
o 481b Cruisin’ SUSAN ……………….[Garbage Gang]
o 481b Cruisin’ SUSAN ……………….[Puzzle Preview]
o 482a Lickin’ LEO
o 482b Lappin’ LENNY
o 483a Seedy SYDNEY
o 483b Fertile MYRTLE
o 484a TIM Can
o 484b RUSTY Bolts
o 485a 12 O’Clock HY
o 485b Midnight DWIGHT
o 486a Chiseler CHAD
o 486b JULIUS Sneezer
o 487a Dead Letter DEBBIE
o 487b Maimed MAMIE
o 488a TELLY Scope
o 488b Peek-A-Boo BEAU
o 489a Irate IRA
o 489b Angry ANNIE
o 490a Kinky KRISTINE
o 490b Knot The NORM
o 491a Sunken TREVOR
o 491b Anchored HANK
o 492a CORY On The Cob
o 492b Hot Buttered CORINNE
o 493a Peanut Butter ‘N KELLY
o 493b Out-To-Lunch LANCE
o 494a MITCH Match
o 494b Hot DOT
o 495a Gloppy GLEN
o 495b Slop Top TODD
o 496a ALLISON Waterland
o 496b JON Pond
o 497a Lame LEM
o 497b EDWARD Hopper
o 498a Rolls ROYCE
o 498b Piston PETE
o 499a Abandoned AMANDA
o 499b Please Give Me A HOMER
o 500a Winkless WALLY
o 500b Sight LES

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