1986 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 3 & 4 a/b Card Bundles – You Pick!

1986 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 3 & 4 a/b Card Bundles – You Pick!

Original Series
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Price: 4.25 USD

Garbage Pail Kids:

1986 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 3 & 4 a/b Card Bundles – You Pick!


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Listed & Sold AS IS,

1986 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Original Series 3 & 4 a/b card bundles.  100% original & authentic.  By that I mean, I’m the original & only owner, pulled from packs upon initial release.

Pre-owned & ungraded.  Not in mint/near mint condition, but in fair to acceptable condition.  Condition varies from card to card, but all cards are intact with no tears or rips.  All cards have some form of edge, corner, and surface wear.  A few cards have major creases on them and those are the cards listed at $1.50.  Each card is in a soft penny sleeve which is included when shipped.

And now for the master list of cards with any variations:

Things to know:  NC = No Copyright Print, C = Copyright Print, *C = 1 Star Copyright Print, **C = 2 Star Copyright Print

1986 GPK Original Series 3 a/b Cards:

84a Joe Blow – Wanted: Barber back, **C

84b Rod Wad – Wanted: Principle back, **C

87a Hot Head Harvey – NC

87b Roy Bot – NC

88a Dinah Saur – NC

88b Farrah Fossil – C

91a Blake Flake – *C

91b Hippie Skippy – **C

92a Marvin Gardens – NC

92b Spitin’ Spencer – NC

95a Grim Jim – NC

95b Beth Death – NC

96a Distorted Dot – *C

96b Mirror Imogene – **C

99a Beaky Becky – **C

99b Picky Mickey – *C

107a Totem Paula – C

107b Tatum Pole – NC

110a Snooty Sam – Wanted: Teacher back, **C

110b U.S. Arnie – Wanted: Big Sister back, **C

113a Alice Island – Wanted: Barber back, *C

113b Liberty Libby – Wanted: Barber back, **C

114a Starin’ Darren – C, **C

114b Peepin’ Tom – C, **C

118a Half-Nelson – **C

118b Glandular Angela – *C

123a Glooey Gabe – NC

123b Sticky Rick – NC

1986 GPK Original Series 4 a/b Cards:

126a Armpit Brit

126b Shaggy Aggie

127a Travelin’ Travis

127b Flat Tyler

131a Stuffed Stephen

131b Rutherford B. Hay

132a Bony Tony – **C

132b Unzipped Zack – **C

133a Furry Murray

133b Foxy Francis

134a Hip Kip

134b Walt Witless

142a – Bruce Moose – **C

142b – Hunted Hunter – **C

143a Melba Toast

143b Hy Rye

145a Dale Snail – **C

145b Crushed Shelly – **C

146a Baked Jake

146b Dry Guy

151a Losing Faith

151b Dyin’ Dinah

154a Basket Casey

154b Dribblin’ Derek

155a Spikey Mikey

155b Nailed Neil

161a Shorned Sean – **C

161b Hy Gene – **C

162a Yicchy Mickey

162b Barfin’ Bart

View the photos provided for any particular card of interest to get an idea on condition.  Click the photos to enlarge or use the “hover to zoom” feature.  Sometimes eBay reduces the thumbnail photo quality for no reason, but clicking a photo to enlarge will show the higher resolution photo.  If you have any questions at all prior to committing to a purchase, make sure to send me a message as I’m very responsive.  All sales are final & I’m not responsible for buyer negligence!

I have a ton of other cards listed at the moment, including more Original Series Garbage Pail Kids Cards, Marvel Masterpieces, Fleer Ultra X-Men, 1991 Impel G.I. Joe’s, and Sports cards.  If interested in any others, I can provide combined shipping.  Just give me time to send an updated combined shipping invoice before payment is made.

Buy with confidence & check the feedback!  I do not buy to resell, I’m not an eBay store or business seller.  Items within all of my listings are items I own & am the original & only owner of upon initial release!

As always, thanks for stopping by & looking!

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