Most Expensive Garbage Pail Kids Cards

1986 Garbage Pail Kids GIANT #1 NASTY NICK (5″ X 7″)

Your old Garbage Pail Kids cards could merit a simple $4,000, on account of rampant 1980s sentimentality. We as of late detected a Garbage Pail Kids card selling for a gigantic entirety over at eBay.

What the heck is going on here? Are Garbage Pail Kids the following tax evasion trick the public authority hasn’t gotten on yet? We realize that the world was fundamentally overwhelmed with these flatulating, booger covered cutting children — so how are there uncommon, significant ones? What’s more, just which cards are well on the way to make you a fortune?

On account of individuals behind the recently delivered Garbage Pail Kids book and Barren Aaron of, we have an overview of the most awesome aspect the most noticeably terrible. First up, the first, Adam Bomb.

Most Expensive Garbage Pail Kids Cards Ever Made!

As indicated by Aaron, similar to everything eBay, the $4,250 cost for the notorious Garbage Pail Kid, Adam Bomb is a small piece expanded. “I’m certain the venders accept the pieces to be costly, on the grounds that that is the most notorious and well known GPK “ADAM Bomb.” Whether or not this can truly bring such a huge number remaining parts not yet clear.

However, a portion of the worldwide cards for ADAM are very uncommon — particularly the early test sets from Germany/Denmark, France/Belgium and Holland/Netherlands. Discover those, and you can without much of a stretch earn a beautiful cent — one Dutch Adam Bomb card as of late sold for $97.34 additionally on eBay.

Indeed, any of the early test set cards (should you spy them at your nearby swap meet or carport deal) are incredibly uncommon. Here’s another illustration of Netherlands card with an alternate Kid.

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The most sought-after GPK cards for gatherers are the Japanese GPK cards, called the Bukimi Kun. Four single cards, with their covering, sold for $1,592.89 on eBay in February. Clearly the key is to have the covering, in great condition. Here’s an assortment of different worldwide GPK cards you should look out for.

Topps are as yet printing Garbage Pail Kids right up ’til today, which are accessible online for pre-deals. In the same way as other collectibles, they are given restricted runs that individuals vie for. The cost is normally around $10 a sticker, and once the run is printed it is suspended. That implies a wily gatherer should watch out for the site and ensure they request those uncommon fortunes that most grab their attention.

The following are twenty of the most important series 1 Garbage Pail Kids cards.

1985’s Nasty Nick, Estimated Mint Value: $7,5001985 GARBAGE PAIL KIDS ADAM BOMB PSA 10 GEM MINT 1ST SERIES GLOSSY BACK W/ AWARD

Frightful Nick is a dreadful little vampire going to chomp a little New Wave doll. He was additionally the top most card on the sheet so many are printed askew.

1985’s Adam Bomb, Estimated Mint Value: $4,000

Adam Bomb was the cover picture on the first Garbage Pail bundles and is the most notable of the first cards. It’s additionally a shockingly ideal outline of the Cold War 1980s: an elitist holding the catch on atomic winter.

1985’s Evil Eddie

Assessed Mint Value: $2,200

Kinda looks like Nasty Nick, huh? This is on the grounds that for the main arrangement, there are 41 “a” and “b” cards, for an aggregate of 82 cards where the solitary distinction between the “a” and “b” cards is the name of the character that was depicted.

That additionally implies that the cards have various backs.

1985 Schizo Fran, Estimated Mint Value: $1,000

Another fan top choice, Schizo Fran (a joke on “schizophrenia” that was subsequently changed for affectability issues) so it was rereleased as “FranFran.” The first is very collectible.

1985 Junky Jeff, Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $1,000

Ok Junkie Jeff. Simply a young child whose mind is loaded up with waste. Similar as the normal Garbage Pail Kid authority.

1985 Jay Decay

Assessed (Checklist Back) Mint Value: $900

Jay Decay has two distinct varieties: an agenda and a counterfeit honor. The agenda is the more uncommon and significant one.

1985 Nerdy Norm, Estimated Mint Value: $9001985 Garbage Pail Kids OS1 Chilly Millie 32b PSA 9 MINT-NICE MATTE CARD! TWT

Geeky Ned, and his partner Nervous Rex, appears to be not so much geeky but rather more anxious. The espresso and cigarettes presumably don’t help.

1985 Blasted Billy, Estimated Mint Value: $850

Impacted Billy comes from similar set as Adam Bomb yet sells for fundamentally less. Possibly individuals thought Adam Bomb was a superior name.

1985 Brutal Brad, Estimated Mint Value: $750

Another top choice close by his twin Hairy Gary, Brutal Brad exhibits a disturbing little troll hauling a cave dweller back to his cavern.

1985 Slobby Robbie, Estimated Mint Value: $750

Jokes about the beyond husky were a major piece of 80s humor, which made Slobby Robbie a top pick of GPK gatherers.

1985 Leaky Lou, Estimated Mint Value: $700

What’s Leaky Lou’s story? Is it accurate to say that he was a young man made of Swiss cheddar? Is it true that he was the survivor of a bungled crowd hit? Who knows, however he sure is by all accounts making the most of his water.

1985 Mean Gene, Estimated Mint Value: $700

Mean Gene (not the host) is a fierce little fella that reviews 80s activity motion pictures like Commando and Predator crossed with the crimp punk apocalypses of Mad Max.

1985 Electric Bill, Estimated Mint Value: $7001985 Garbage Pail Kids GPK OS1 1st Series 1 #36b Tommy Tomb – Matte

Goodness man, this one annoyed guardians.

Trash Pail Kids were intended to interest the gross out child and to stun a parent, however this one truly took the cake. Electric Bill and Fryin’ Brian included a plump young man getting shocked. It looks agonizing and minimal X’s cross his eyes.

1985 Sumo Sid, Estimated Value: $650

The last card in the arrangement was additionally printed last so many of the most collectible are askew. That and their overall extraordinariness contrasted with the remainder of the set implies that our delicate sumo grappler will have truly important.

1985 Bad Breath Seth, Estimated Mint Value: $600

Indeed, even during the 80s, we knew about the impact of contamination on the climate. Take a gander at the helpless dead blossom and the smoke irritating off his mouth.

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